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Putting My Experience
to Work

Margaret has been vested in the work of public service and public policy for decades. After graduating from VCU, she returned to Halifax County-South Boston, Virginia, and began her professional career as a claims adjuster with the local Virginia State Employment Commission. She also worked as a program planner and grant writer for the Tri-County Community Action Program. Margaret succeeded in obtaining several grants that supported the program’s work and offset the operating budget for the agency. Margaret’s commitment to criminal justice never subsided and after relocating to Durham, North Carolina, she joined the Durham County Public Defender’s Office as a staff investigator. In this role, she investigated cases ranging from misdemeanors to felonies for five (5) staff attorneys.


Presently, Margaret is an educator in the Yonkers Public School System (YPS). She
teaches students with disabilities in grades 1-3. Her forward thinking in educating students with diverse learning styles has been a model for many of her colleagues. She is the coordinator for the MySistersKeeper Program in her local school and has served as the liaison for the district’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, ensuring that sustainable diverse, equitable, and inclusionary policies and practices are the
framework for YPS.


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